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We try to have a little bit of everything

Unique Products

Life Is Good is the newest product line to come to The General Store with plans to have a large stock of items to meet the growing fans of this product line.  Life Is Good offers high quality t-shirts, night shirts, water bottles, and other various items with the casual lifestyle that “Jake” likes to promote.


Melissa and Doug toys are high quality, lead-free toys that parents want for their children.  Unique wood sound puzzles  and alphabet puzzles are unique learning gifts to pick up for that family who is expecting a new little one. 


Case Knives – Looking for a quality pocket knife  - check out the special displays of John Deere pocket knives as well as the special line of Boy Scout knives.


Canned and Dry Goods -  Stop in and check out our line of canned goods in jellies, jams, pickled beats, etc.   We also offer Gluten-Free items to accommodate those who have allergies to gluten.


Homestead Dairy and Ice Cream – If you haven’t had the fresh, cold milk from Homestead Creamery … you are in for a treat.  Fresh from the dairy this milk is offered in chocolate and creamsicle flavors…mmmm…good!  Try one of the 8 flavors of the Homestead Dairy, hand-dipped ice cream

Of course, we try to have a little bit of everything from oil lamps, Watkins products, tea towels, country kitchen items, country art décor, recipe books, old-fashioned toys (including the Red flyer wagon and tricycle).  You just have to visit several times to see all of the different items.  If we don’t have it, we will try to get it for you.

If we don’t have it, we will try to get it for you.